The MOBILITY DOCK – innovative charger for household sockets

The MOBILITY DOCK – innovative charger for household sockets

The topic of electric mobility is slowly picking up speed. According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, there will already be more than 365,000 vehicles with purely electric drives on German roads in 2021. By 2025, the share of electric cars in could rise from 1.22 percent today to 11.1 percent. And by 2030, 90 % of all new vehicle registrations in Germany will have a battery-powered drive, either purely electric or as a plug-in hybrid.

However, for many e-car drivers, the charging process is often still quite inconvenient as they need several different types of charging cables to be able to charge their vehicle at the various available plug sockets. This process will become easier in the future: Lapp Mobility GmbH, a corporate startup of LAPP, has now developed the MOBILITY DOCK – a new, space-saving charger that, in combination with any Type 2 charging cable, allows charging at a standard household socket. The innovation will be presented for the first time at the IAA MOBILITY 2021. In addition, the MOBILITY DOCK was nominated for the German Design Awards in the category Excellent Product Design.

“The MOBILITY DOCK completely fulfils the function of a mobile charging station, but requires much less space in the boot,” says Frank Hubbert, Managing Director of Lapp Mobility GmbH, describing the new product. The communication between MOBILITY DOCK and the vehicle takes place via a control device integrated into the charger, which sets the charging current up to a maximum of 10 A and also monitors the charging process. This achieves a charging power up to a maximum of 2.3 kW and the setting is made automatically. The device monitors the device temperature and the temperature at the Schuko plug socket. If an increased temperature is detected on the power connector, the charger automatically regulates the charging power to prevent overheating.

Another protective function for the user is earth conductor monitoring as well as the detection of direct current and alternating current errors in the charger. This type of DC and AC errors are detected and protected up to 6 mA DC and 30 mA AC. The MOBILITY DOCK is CE compliant and developed and tested in compliance with the device standard in accordance with IEC62752.

To start the charging process, the mode 3 charging cable is inserted into the type 2 socket of the MOBILITY DOCK. The MOBILITY DOCK with inserted charging cable is then plugged into the Schuko plug socket it’s time to get started. An LED shows the device status. All components are completely stable and fixed securely. To provide support on the building wall, there is a support integrated on the device. This is unlocked by pressing a push button. This allows the support to be finely adjusted on the building wall. The inserted mode 3 charging cable is locked by a mechanism on the housing and can be unlocked using the release lever on the rear. This means that the mode 3 charging cable can be removed from the charger again with little effort.

To start the charging process, the mode 3 charging cable (right) is plugged into the type 2 socket of the MOBILITY DOCK (left) and this into the standard household socket
To start the charging process, the mode 3 charging cable (right) is plugged into the type 2 socket of the MOBILITY DOCK (left) and this into the standard household socket

Thanks to the type 2 socket integrated in the housing, the MOBILITY DOCK is compatible with the European charging cable standard and can therefore be used on all electric and hybrid cars in Europe. The housing of the MOBILITY DOCK is protected against jet water (IP55) and is designed for falling from any position from a height of 1 m. With its weight of approx. 730 g and a size of 255 x 135 x 105 mm, the installation space and weight of the MOBILITY DOCK are optimised. The device can be stored in the boot, loading floor or in the side pockets of the vehicle to save space. The cap for the type 2 socket also protects the charger against contamination.

But it’s not just the functionality of the MOBILITY DOCK that is impressive, but also its design. As part of the competition for the German Design Award, the MOBILITY DOCK was nominated in the Excellent Product Design category by the German Design Council. In October 2021, the winners of the award will be announced, for which the aim is to design products for the highest customer requirements.

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Officially, the MOBILITY DOCK will be available as of March 2022 and can be ordered from the LAPP MOBILITY online shop among other places.


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